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Nature & Gardening Club in the CAW garden


After School Clubs

Our new After School Club timetable has been sent home with all the children, along with a letter and reply slips.

We know that sometimes things get lost along the way so we've put all these items into pdf form so you can download and print them.  If you can't print these then do please ask Miss Vida and Mrs Maguire in the office for copies.


  • Is it too late to sign up?

    It might be - some clubs are full already - check with Miss Varndall

  • When do clubs start?

    In the week beginning Monday 18th September.

  • How do I know if my child has a place?

    Unless you hear otherwise your child has a place!  Where clubs are full Miss Varndall will be in touch.

  • I might not be able to pick up my child each time - is that a problem?

    Not really - please let us know who to expect to pick up your child by calling the School Office and giving their name to Miss Vida or Mrs Maguire.   

  • What is the last week for clubs?

    They run right up to half term and begin on the first week back after half term - the last week will be week beginning Monday 4th December.  No clubs will run in the final week of Autumn Term.

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