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Class Internet User Agreements 2019-2020

Following from the success of last year's class internet safety agreements children have reviewed their ideas and created new agremeents for this academic year. Teachers were really impressed by how much knowledge children remembered from last year. Please use these to support discussions on online behaviour and saftey with your child. 

Year 1 Puffins and Woodpeckers


Year 2 Greenfinches

IMG_3294Y2 Gr

Year 2 Goldfinches

IMG_3303(1)Y2 Gold

Year 3 Kites

IMG_3302(1)Y3 kestrel

Year 3 Kestrels

IMG_3301Y3 Kestrels

Year 4 Jackdaws

IMG_3300Y4 jackdaws

Year 4 Magpies

IMG_3299Y4 magpies

Year 5 Barn Owls

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Year 5 Herons

IMG_3298Y5 herons

Year 6 Eagles

IMG_3296Y6 Eagles

Year 6 Falcons

IMG_3297(1)Y6 Falcons

Class Internet User Agreements 2018-2019

Year 1 Puffins and Woodpeckers

Year 1(1)

Year 2 Greenfinches

Greenfinches Greenfinch

Year 2 Goldfinches


Year 3 Kites and Kestrels

Year 3Year 3

Year 4 Magpies and Jackdaws

Year 4Year 4

Year 5 Herons and Barn Owls

Year 5Year 5

Year 6 Eagles


Year 6 Falcons

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