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Sports Premium

Sports Premium Funding 2015-16 and 2016-17

The entire sports premium funding at City Academy Whitehawk (of £9470) is used to pay towards a PE Specialist Teacher to work full time at our school. 

Below is a list of how the PE Specialist improved the quality of PE provision for pupils at this school during the academic year 2015-16 (with the funds of £9490 in that academic year):

  • Continued to develop and provide a rich, broad PE curriculum during lesson time. This includes introducing swimming lessons in Year 2 and Year 6.
  • Organised visits from sports organisations during curriculum time including Sussex Cricket Club and Brighton and Hove Albion FC.
  • Managed, purchased and resourced a full range of sports equipment to enhance pupils’ learning opportunities during curriculum time and extra-curricular times such as breaktimes.
  • Provided a range of free extra-curricular school clubs which has increased the participation of children involved in free sporting activity.
  • Organised over 30 sporting interschool events for pupils to participate, including tag rugby; basketball; indoor and outdoor athletics; cross country; cricket and football.
  • Continued break and lunchtime sporting activities for pupils to participate in, which has seen more than 60% improvement in behaviour during and after these break times.
  • Worked in collaboration with teachers across the school, developing their PE teaching understanding through effective planning and team teaching of quality PE lessons.

In the academic year of 2016-17, the sports premium funding is used to pay towards the same PE Specialist Teacher to continue to work full time at the school.  The areas of PE provision shown above have been continued and improved, along with the following additions:

  • Year 5 cycling provision in lessons and introduction to road safety with the Bikeability Training Level 1 course.
  • New clubs introduced including skateboard and cycling clubs.
  • Tri golf introduced into the sporting interschool events calendar.
  • All children in Year 6 given opportunity to participate in Let’s Dance, the city’s biggest dance performance for schools.
  • Visits to local Leisure Centre organised for Year 5 to access the local sports facilities. 
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