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Home learning 30th March 2020

We have been so pleased to see that many of you are using Purple Mash and you will find that we have replied to your handed in work - keep up the great effort! We are missing teaching you!  Here are a lot of useful links that will help you to carry on learning:

With libraries closed, there  are plenty of online reading opportunities for you:

Set up account with  https://readtheory.org/ they give you a first text and then set your next one up depending on how easy you found the first one.

The libraries are offering these opportunities to support your reading - and you could always find that copy of the Lion, Witch and The Wardrobe: 




Twinkll is a site that teachers can use, but during the current covid crisis, they are giving access to parents . There is a huge wealth of interesting resources to try. Use the following URL and access code   www.twinkl.co.uk/offer   use the access code CVDTWINKLHELPS  

Here is the home learning for the week starting Monday 30th until Wednesday 2nd April 2020


Home Learning Offer Thursday 26th March 2020

I do hope that with the instruction to stay indoors,  these activities are being helpful. Miss Briggs and I wish you all good health.  For a great daily PE work out, google Joe Wickes Daily PE at 9am. He is doing a live stream; a perfect way to start the day! We are adding some more activities, although we know that the packs already uploaded will take a while to do! Today you can access Maths with Parents and revise the topic of Factors, Multiplies and Common Factor pairs.  There are challenges for all including some that require a lot of thought! Purple Mash still has plenty of to dos and we are checking to see when you hand in work.  You will find a reading comprehension uploaded with three levels of questioning and a daily writing prompt, which came be found on http://www.pobble365.com/

Maths with Parents post card

Please refer to Heron's blog for the links to the extra websites that you will need acess to for the home learning. 

Year 5 Home Learning Offer

Hello to all parents and carers of Barn Owl and Heron classes. We have talked about how important it is to do  school learning every day of the closure period, and Miss Briggs and myself will be updating this website on a Monday and a Thursday with new exciting activities. We have made time tables, which the children can re-draft to suit themselves; as the weeks go on they will see how much they are able to complete. You will find this week's activities in the pack that you took home - and if you were off, then you can download them here. #(Please see  Herons for the attached documents if you do not have the home learning pack!)

our wardrobes

You can explain how we made these wonderful wardrobes to your family!


Purple mash

We have put a whole range of super activities onto Purple Mash. The children each have a letter with their logins. Please see the screen grab below as we know problems logging in are resolved when you put "whitehawk" into the search bar. We have practiced this in class, but here is a reminder. See if you can come back to school knowing all of your times tables inside out! Use your Multiplication Monster to help you.   Miss Briggs and I will be looking at your work over the coming weeks.  Try a new activity every day!

Purple Mash Login

advce online

From both Miss Briggs and Ms Glaser, keep safe and have  great fun as you continue learning!



We have uploaded challenges for every body. The way that the codings work in terms of dificulty is that the most accessible is D and the highest challenge is GD with E being in the middle.

You can go over fractions, roman numerals and practice your dividing by 10 and some number bond work. For those wishing additional challenges, visit nrich.maths.org

Try and do one activity per day.


The first book to pick up is a copy of, The Lion, Witch and the Wardrobe! As the libraries are shut, have a look on line and there are copies that you can either listen to or  download. A kindle is also a possibility, if you have one at home.

Remember to read every day! You could try and control the game  as we do in class or play fast finger with your family! 


The English is also on the Year 5 Home Learning pack.  One thing to remember is the meaning of the word parenthesis:

It is when we put words in brackets to add information (like this).

Or when we embed information, wrote Ms Glaser, so that the sentence still makes sense without the words in the embedded clause.

And we also do it with a relative clause, which is one of these, she continued!

Try and do one activity a day.

bear task

We have attached a separate writing activity booklet, which you can use to write a story or non-fiction report every day. I know many of you will love this bear task!

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