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Robins' Home Learning Offer

Phonics Play
A free website to practise phonics skills.

Username: march20
Password: home


Log into your Tapestry account to see our handwriting videos and other challenges!

Please take photos and videos of what you get up to at home. We would love to see what you have been up to and comment on your posts!

Please email if you need support in logging into your account.

Homework Update 25.03.20

Hello Robins!
We hope you are having a nice time at home. Please see below for this week's learning update. Please make sure you log onto Tapestry and share what you have been getting up to! We love to comment and like your photos and videos.

Practise your phonics and fine motor skills!


Log onto Tapestry to watch the Miss Rackham practise writing her numbers by using our Ten Town number rhymes!

Have a go at writing your numbers, making a 2D rocket picture, finishing a pattern and ordering all of the numbers from 1 - 20!

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Homework Update 30.03.20

Hello, Robins! We hope you're keeping safe and well at home. Please see below for today's home learning update.

Washing Up Bowl Potions
What magical mixture can you create in a washing up bowl today?
Perhaps you could include some of these things:
fairy liquid
food dye
rice crisipes!

Tell us all about your wonderful creations by taking a photo or video for your Tapestry account! Could you write a sentence or label your magical mixtures?

Hoop to Group Challenge
Recently at school we learned about how to group and share using our helpful phrase, 'Use the hoops to make some groups!".

Log onto Tapestry to see Miss Rackham demonstrate how to use this method. What fun things can you find around your home to share into groups? Take some photos and videos of you sharing into groups for us to like and comment on. We love to see your super learning!

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