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Kites' Home Learning!

Hello everybody! This page will be updated on Mondays and Thursdays during the school closure with home learning activities in Maths, Writing, Paragon and Spelling! 

If you are looking for any alternative work please visit 


Sign up and use the promotion code: UKTWINKLHELPS to access a wide range of activities and resources from across the curriculum! 


You will get 2 To Do's every Monday and Thursday on Purple Mash. These will be a combination of different subjects, mainly Maths and Paragon! 

Maths 02.04.20

Column multiplication and times tables

Column multiplication (no regrouping) worksheet

Column multiplication (with regrouping) worksheet

8 Times table practice worksheet

4 Times table practice worksheet

Remember to picture the counting stick... what multiples do you know that could help you?

Maths With Parents activity

Maths With Parents

MWP is a fantastic website that will help both parents and children with their maths and it is filled with great resources and games.


1) Click "Log In"       2) Click "New Parent"

3) Enter your class code: 260132

4) Enter a few details about you and your child and then click "Confirm"

Paragon 02.04.20

Pick an activity from our home learning grid!

Writing 02.04.20

Write a persuasive letter from Greta Thunberg to the prime minister about the ice caps melting in the Arctic!

Think back to our storymap when Greta was furious about deforestation! What did she say caused it to happen? What did she say is happening because of this? Can you remember the persuasive techniques we learnt to get our point accross?


Practise these spellings:

century, certain, circle, complete, consider

Here are some fun ways you can practise:

Reading 02.04.20

eBooks and Audiobooks are availible from Brighton and Hove Libraries 

click here for information

All you need is your: library card, pin number, email address and BorrowBox  or RBDigital 

How many have you read? 

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