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Puffin's Home Learning

Hello everybody! This page will be updated on Mondays and Thursdays during the school closure with home learning activities in Maths, Writing, Paragon and Computing! Scroll down to see each week's learning!

This is in addition to the home learning pack that your child brought home if they attended school on 20.03.20, if you didn't recieve this you are invited to come in and collect your child's home learning pack from school. The pack includes:

  • Maths worksheets on length, mass and numbers to 100 (our next 3 maths topics).
  • A sheet of reading activities. Use your school books and books from your home for these.
  • Common exception and tricky words lists
  • PE activities to keep you active
  • 3 writing challenges with a picture to help give you ideas
  • A story map to box up about Bog Baby - use this to help you structure a story!
  • A home learning book you can write your learning in
  • A pencil and a pen
  • Maths With Parents log in details
  • Paragon Home Learning for this term (Indonesia & Bali) and next term (Australia)

If you are looking for any alternative work please visit:


Sign up and use the promotion code: UKTWINKLHELPS to access a wide range of activities and resources from across the curriculum! 

Alternatively, try the activities that are accessible via www.mathswithparents.com

You will also get 2 To Do's every Monday and Thursday on Purple Mash. These will be a combination of different subjects, including Science and Computing.

Week 1 - Monday Home Learning - 23.03.20

See below for work you can do this Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. More to come on Thursday!

Writing - 23.03.20

Can you write a story about finding one of these creatures? Think about our bog baby story map and use it to help you structure your story. What is your creature called? Where did you find it? Don't forget your capital letters and full stops!


Maths - 23.03.20

This week in Maths we will be learning about Length. Have a go at these worksheets to practise finding the length of different objects. Remember you don't always have to use a ruler to measure length - you can use non standard units like paperclips or cubes!

If you don't have those non-standard units, can you use something different you have at home?

If you'd like a challenge - can you find the longest thing in your house? can you find the shortest thing? how many hands long is your living room? how many feet long is it?

Reading - 23.03.20

This week's story is 'Bog Baby'. Watch this video to listen to the story!


What was your favourite thing about it? Pick one of the activities below for the story.


We use our phonics to read words - this week's sound is ay. Have a go at writing these words with 'ay' in.

Paragon - 23.03.20

Your paragon challenge this week is to keep practicing the drawing skills we were learning last week. Here are the skills we learned:

  • I can use shapes to create an outline for my picture
  • I can add details to my picture
  • I can think about size and proportion
  • I can move my pencil with control
  • I can colour within the lines

Can you draw bog baby? Don't forget the details!


You could even use '2paint' on Purple Mash to draw bog baby too!

Science - 23.03.20

Do you know all of the different parts of the human body? Can you point to your head, neck, arms, elbows, legs, knees, ankles, face, nose, eyes, hair, mouth and teeth?

Show us your learning by drawing or using the worksheet below to label the different body parts!


Computing - 23.03.20

In Computing this week we will be continuing to use '2code'. Check your alerts for the Bubble activity on 2code - how many stars can you get? how quickly can you beat all of the challenges?

If you want to challenge yourself, go on 'free code chimp' and code your own sprites!

bubbles and free code chimp

Week 1 - Thursday Home Learning - 26.03.20

Writing - 26.03.20

Think about the creature you found in your story from Monday's home learning. What did it do? What did you feed it? What did you make it a home out of?

Write a list or even challenge yourself to write sentences for each!


Maths - 26.03.20

Lets continue our learning on length for Maths this week. Now that we have measured using non-standard units, we are going to have a go measuring with rulers and cm. If you don't have a ruler at home, can you see if you can make one?

Remember to line up the object you're measuring with the 0cm on the ruler!

Reading - 26.03.20

Todays story is called 'If I had a Gryphon'. Can you see any links between this story and 'The Bog Baby'? Watch the video to see the story!



The sound we will be focusing on today is 'ee'. How many words can you think of that have ee in?

Play 'buried treasure' at https://new.phonicsplay.co.uk/resources/phase/2/buried-treasure

Don't forget your free account!

Username: march20 Password: home

Paragon - 26.03.20

Now that we've practised the art skill of drawing, can you practise the skill of colouring in the lines?

Remember to hold the pencil higher up if you are in bigger spaces and you don't need to push so hard! Can you challenge yourself to change how hard you push for different shades? 

Pick one of the creatures below!


Science - 26.03.20

Here's a song to help you remember the different parts of the body!


Can you learn it and show your growns up the different body parts you know?

body part song

Computing 26.03.20

Now that we've had a practise with 'free code chimp'. I've got a challenge for you! Can you make these different scenes on 'free code chimp' yourself?

Remember to use the design button to change the background and to add in different sprites! You can code them to make them move!

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