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Goldfinches' Blog

In Goldfinch class we have made a great start to the year. In maths, we have focused on developing confidence with and understanding of place value. We also enjoyed making some fantastic skeleton shapes. The children have been really challenging themselves with their choice of chilli challenge.
In writing, we have focused our learning on woolly mammoths. First we wrote some great woolly mammoth poetry and then we learnt the story of Woolly (the mammoth who just wasn't woolly at all!) We used some exciting adjectives to create our own versions of this story.
We finished the half-term with instruction writing! First we learnt how to wash a woolly mammoth and this week we have loved adapting the instructions to tell people how to clean a sabre-toothed tiger's teeth, how to wash a cave baby or how to tame a bear's hair!
In Paragon we have been learning about the Stone Age. Our key questions were "What are basic needs?", "What did people need in Stone Age times?" and, "What did people do once their basic needs were met?" We have thought about how people around the world still do not all have access to clean drinking water and we thought about how different it would have been for people to get food in Palaeolithic times. We loved playing a Stone Age version of Captain's Coming. We had a great end to this half term when we invited our adults in to make clay pots and take part in some cave painting. We used "paint" made from natural ingredients like spinach, berries and ash. We enjoyed using sticks instead of paint brushes or clay tools.
Our home-learning has been amazing! We have loved working at home with our adults to make a whole range of wonderful projects.
In Science, we learnt about keeping healthy. We particularly loved the experiment where we had to make crash helmets for the eggs. This showed us how important it is be safe and to wear helmets on our bikes.