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Greenfinches' Blog

This half term has been very busy for Greenfinch class. We have loved creating stories and instructions using talk for write. We have come up with some very imaginative versions of these texts, including how to brush a saber toothed tiger's teeth! In maths we have been investigating how numbers compare to each other and learnt how to use < and >. We have just started improving our adding and subtracting skills and we can't wait to carry this on with even trickier questions after the half term. 

It has been a very exciting and informative start to Paragon in Greenfinches. We have learnt what basic needs are and how things that we want and need are actually quite different! We have learnt lots about animals of the stone age - including woolly mammoths and have spent some time thinking about what Stone Age people after their basic needs have been met. We were surprised that many of these things were similar to what we enjoy now, like storytelling and painting. 

We have also learnt about how to keep healthy in science and had great fun exercising different parts of our body, learning a hand washing song and spreading 'snot' and germs around the class!

I am very proud of the journey all Greenfinches have come on already. It has not always been easy learning to be in year 2 but everyone has tried hard to be more independent, collaborate with each other and put lots of effort into their learning. I can't wait to see how this carries on after the half term!

Photos in order as below:

Pictures 1-3 Children spraying 'sneezes' out of painty water in plant sprayers to show how far and fast germs can spread

Picture 4 - some children showing good reading habits and reading with our special reading buddies

Picture 5 - children doing yoga as part of using different muscles during exercise in science week

Pictures 6 and 7 - children showing how if you sneeze into your hands your 'snot' can reach so many people so quickly and you can spread germs fast!

Photo 8 - children recording their experience of exercise during science week