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We have been learning about the value of numbers, using 100s, 10s and 1s grids and Dienes to solve problems and compare numbers. Children have gotten used to their new maths boxes and the resources that we use in Year 3, and worked hard to meet presentation expectations. It has been great to see children collaborating, working in different groups and using our ‘teach don’t tell’ motto to help others to understand new concepts.


Children have written about Charlotte’s Web and Ancient Mesopotamia, using creative language and adverb phrases. We have introduced iPads as key writing resources and children are confident in using these to source words through pictures of word mats and the online thesaurus. Both classes have shown themselves to be creative and hard-working, coming up with some fantastically surprising ideas! Handwriting has been a big focus, and we are also looking to improve spelling by understanding the rules behind different word groups.


Children have really enjoyed their first term of Paragon learning, and have used the topic to come up with all kinds of interesting questions. We have gone back in time 10,000 years to the Ancient Mesopotamian civilisation and the origins of farming. We have conducted investigations, made giant timelines. We’ve had a go at some Mesopotamian repeating patterns and made our own cuneiform writing on clay tablets at our half-termly Paragon event. We really hope to keep a high turnout for these, as it is very special for the children to show what they do in school and share their learning. We are all very excited about the next term of Paragon learning, finding out about the Maya and cultures in Ancient Meso-America.